How to install GDS viewer


If you want to check the recorded data on the PC which GDS is not installed, you can check it  by installing GDS Viewer.  

Please follow the instruction to install [GDSVeiwer] as below.    
    1.   Download the latest GDSviewer program below.

(Hyundai + Kia)






2.     Double-click the downloaded setup file to install GDSViewer.

(Caution) GDS viewer can be installed on the PC which GDS is not installed.

Flight record file can be open at GDS program- Diagnosis-Flight Record-Data Review


3.     GDS Viewer is being installed as below.


4.     After installation is complete, pop-up message will appear as below. Click [Finish] button.


5.     DOS prompt will automatically run and register necessary registries.


6.     Check if .Net framework 2.0 is installed on the PC.

Net Framework 2.0 is needed to run GDS viewer. You can download and installed it below, if you didn't in stalled on your PC.



7.     Double click [GDSviewer] icon on desktop.


8.     Before GDS viewer starts, it will check the version from the server.


9.     If the latest GDS viewer is available, the pop-up message will appear as below.


10.   Click [OK] button to download the update data.


11.   When download  is complete, the latest GDS viewer will be installed.


12.   Update is being installed.


13.   Click [finish] button.


14.   Double-click [GDSviewer] icon on desktop to run GDS viewer.


15.   If GDS Viewer is in latest version, GDS Viewer program will start as below.

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