PC Manager(Software) Program

* This is for the Europe-general version(non-US version). Do not download this file if you are in North America!!

<File information>
- File : GDS Veiwer
- Format : exe
- Volume : 3GB


To install GDS Mobile/ KDS, previously, you have to install PC Manager. 

This file is only for Software of PC Manager. (Service Information Contants is not included.)

If you want to install contants data on PC Manager,you must install contants DVD additionally.

    * To get PC Manager DVD pakcage(including contencts), get contact your distributor. (If you are a distributor, contact GIT sales team(sales@gitauto.com))  

<How to install>

Before you install,  check them previous below.

1. Disable Antivirus program on your laptop PC Manager is installed on. 
2. If you use security network on your workshop, ask your IT guy to open PC Manager update server on workshop network. If you don't know the PC Manager server URL and port, contact ics@gitauto.com.  

1. Download the file below. (Install the proper maker for GDS Mobie/KDS)

Hyundai HME (Passenger vehicle GDS mobile): [Click here]

Hyundai HME CV(Commercial vehicle GDS mobile): updating soon.

Kia KME (Passenger vehicle KDS): [Click here]


2. Run Setup_all.exe.

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