How to transfer the event files VCI II by manual

If you receive the event files(XXXXXXXX.evt and CONFIG.DAT) from HMC/KMC, you have to transfer the event file to the VCI II by manual to set the VCI II or CVCI for the test. Please follow the instruction below.


1. Check if VCI II and trigger are paired.(Optional).

* If you doubt to VCI II- trigger pairinig, please follow the instructioin below.

  If not, skip to step 2.


2. Go to the path and click "New Folder"below. 


C:\Program Files\GDS-inside2\SmartDLogger\ProjectData

C:\Program Files (x86)\GDS inside2\SmartDLogger\ProjectData


3. Create the new folder.


4. Transfer the files from HMC/KMC to the new folder.

The file will be two.(XXXXXX.evt and CONFIG.DAT)


5. Run Smart Dlogger program and go to "Convertor" menu. You can find the folder that you created.


6. Click on the folder that you created. Record Mode button will be activated. Click "Record Mode" button.


7. Click the VCI II.


8. Connect VCI II as following instruction then click "OK".


9. Data transfer is complete. 8.png

10. Connect VCI II to OBD-II connector on the vehicle. 

11. Connect the trigger module to the cigar jack on the vhehicle. 

12. If the "Enter" button on trigger module is green. It is ready to test-drive.

* If you don't have green on "Enter" button on trigger mudule in this step, the event file has problem.(Not VCI II and trigger module).

Please kinldy contact KMC or HMC (the people who sent you the event files) or distributor hotline on GSW with the vechiel ROM ID

Then, ask them check if ROM ID is compatable with this event file.


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