[Kia] I don't have Smart DLogger account (ID and Password).


     You must make your own account on DLogger website to use Smart Dlogger program.  


        1. Go to Dlogger website below. 

          Kia : https://dlogger.kia.com/

        2. Click [Join] button. 


        3. Fill out all information, then, click [Register] button. 
           * If the information is not correct, it can be rejected to be approved by the administrator. 


        4. After KMC administrator confirms your information, she/he sends you the new password by email. D -logger account is managed by KMC. Thus, if you don't receive any reply, contact KMC (GSW Distributor hotline).


* Make sure!

    Depending on each region and maker, the images as below may be different from yours.    

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