[KIA] KDS 2.0 Install Guide

※ If you want to download the KDS2.0 installation guide, please click this


KDS 2.0 Install Guide


※ Warning 

1. After installing KDS2.0, you cannot use the KDS program.

 (If you want to use the KDS program, you must reinstall KDS after deleting KDS2.0.)

2. The license key granted is only valid for one tablet PC. It is not possible to install on two tablet PCs with the same license.

Be careful not to lose your license.

3. In case of "factory data initialization" of the tablet, it is not recommended to "factory data initialization" because license re-registration is required through the purchasing agent. If you want to reinstall the program, do not do "Factory Data Initialization" and reinstall it by referring to the installation guide below. (However, if KDS is installed, it is recommended to proceed with tablet factory reset)


Before you start 

1. Tablet PC OS must be Android 8.0 or higher to install. Please check the Android version.

 - How to check "Android version" on tablet PC


2. Before you install, check WiFI connection. It is supported only in the online environment.


3. Charge the tablet battery to at least 70%.


4. Turningg off Play proect option.

 - Turning off 'Play Protect' option


How to install KDS 2.0









Depending on the Internet environment such as a security network, sometimes the download may not work properly.

If the logo of the unzipped file does not look like ( mceclip2.png ), the file may be corrupted. Try downloading again or download directly from the FAQ.  









Note) If Play Protect pop up appears, please press 'INSTALL ANYWAY'.

Link :[KIA] KDS 2.0 User Manual




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