Information required for technical inquiries when a GDS Smart/KDS2.0 error occurs

When requesting laboratory confirmation for GDS Smart/KDS2.0 errors, please be sure to check the information below and forward it to us.


[Basic Information]

1. Check if the program is up to date


2. Vehicle model information
    Car model/year/displacement


3. System information
    System information selected when performing diagnostic functions
    If it is an add-on, the selected add-on information

4. Detailed procedures and occurrence time until the issue occurs
   ex) Error occurs when selecting vehicle type / FCS / ENGINE selection / performing FCS
         Video or error image related to problem occurrence


[Log information]
1. If the app terminates abnormally
   (1) When the Main App terminates abnormally
      1) Folder path: NvciData\log\errorlogger\main
      2) File name: 240308-181119.json (date_time.json)
        -> If you have a file of the time when the app was terminated, please forward the file.

(2) If there is no log in the above path, there is a possibility that an app other than the main app has terminated abnormally or has been terminated by the system.
System log collection is required, and for Samsung tablets, system log collection is possible as shown in the link below.



2. Error while performing function (unless it is an abnormal termination error)
   (1) Obtain logs using the log collection function inside the diagnostic app.

       How to: Sending the error log report on GDS Smart/KDS2.0<- click here.

   (2) After uploading, share the reception number information for the log
     - When reporting an error, capture the screen and deliver it

3. Logs for each function
    For log collection function number 2 above, logs are collected for diagnostic functions such as Main, S/W managemet, and ECU. For functions other than the above, you must obtain additional logs from the path indicated below.

    (1) When an error occurs in the Smart Launcher app, all files in the path below

    (2) When an error occurs in the smart warranty app, all files in the path below

    (3) In case of E-Report related error, all files in the path below


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