Login is not possible on GDS Mobile CV.


Symptom : Login is not possible on GDS Mobile  CV.



Cause : There was a logic login update for Hyundai Europe/General region on January 12th.

That time GDS Mobile CV users, who used CSIS account (https://csis.hyundai.com/), was not updated properly.


Solution : 

Internet update was released again on January 13th after the update on January 12th (146 version).

However, you may not be able to update due to login issue.


Solution 1) 

1) Please download the app and unzip the file to get apk file. (H_gitauto.GDSM_662.zip)

2) Install the apk file on GDS Mobile.

3) After that, re-run GDS Mobile to check login issue.


Solution 2) 

Reinstall GDS Mobile CV via PC manager.

After re-installation, a problem will be solved.


[PC Manager CV download URL]


[How to install GDS Mobile CV on tablet PC.]







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