[R&D] How to register R&D GDS Mobile

After the initial installation of the R&D version, the registration screen is displayed as follows.



1. Select a region 
Please select a region to use this GDS Mobile from among Korea/ America/ Europe/China.


2. VCI II Serial No. 

Find and enter VCI II S/No. on the back of your VCI II.

*However, if "It is an invalid serial number" is shown after clicking the "Confirm" button at the last step, contact GIT sales team (sales@gitauto.com) and check whether you can install R&D program. Please request registration of your VCI II serial information for R&D GDS Mobile. If not registered, normal installation/use is not possible.



3-4. ID/ Password

- Hyundai GSW account (ID/Password)

- Kia's CCC account (ID/Password)


For example)

Select Korea, and if you are a Kia employee, enter your Kia Domestic GSW account.

Select Europe, and if you are a Hyundai employee, enter your Hyundai Europe/General CCC account.


5. Tablet Serial No.

Input the tablet Serial No. 

You can find the tablet Serial  No. on [Setting-About device-tablet serial No.].


6. OK

If you are done, please OK button.




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