[HME/HMU] GSW Server Port Change Patch .apk


You have to install this file on your tablet PC, if you didn't update GDS Mobile before April. 13.2018. due to the HME GSW Server change.  

<File information>
- File : Server Port Change Patch .apk
- Format : apk
- Volume : 14KB

<How to install>
1. Download the file and unzip it.


2. Connect the tablet PC which GDS Mobile is installed on to the PC via USB cable.

3. Copy the PortCHANGE.apk from the PC to the tablet PC.

   *The tablet Path: [Tablet\Device Storage\download] 

4. Restrat Tablet PC.

5. Tab PortCHANGE.zpk. on the Path, [Tablet\Device Storage\download] 

6. It's complete. 



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