Not able to Install GDS Mobile/ KDS on tablet PC[Galaxy Note 2012 edition/OS version 4.1.2]

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    If your tablet PC is Galaxy Note 2012 edition / OS version 4.1.2, you cannot install GDS mobile/ KDS on it properly. Follow the instruction below to fix it


   Before you begin



      1. Go to the path, [C:\GDSMpcmanager\InstallAheadSource ], on PC Manager(PC).
      * Check if the volume of the file is 1,298KB or higher. If it is lower than 1,298KB, the PC Manager is not updated properly. Contact us(

      2. Change the name of the file from "GITMInstaller.apk" to "GITMInstaller_ori.apk".

      3. Download the attachment file( and extract it.

      4. Copy and paste "GITMInstaller_2012.apk" to the path[C:\GDSMpcmanager\InstallAheadSource ].

      5. Change the name of the file to "GITMInstaller_2012.apk" to "GITMInstaller.apk".

      6. Perform factory data reset for tablet PC. 

         Refer to [
How to perform factory data reset].

      7. Connect tablet PC to the PC by USB cable.

      8. Go to the main page of the PC Manager and click [GDS Mobile/ KDS Installation] to Install GDS Mobile/KDS. Refer to [How to install GDS mobile/ KDS by PC manager




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