How to install SmartDlogger Program


      You can install Smart Dlogger as follow.   

  Before you begin

    1. Disable Antivirus program on your laptop PC Manager is installed on.
    2. Install "Adobe Flash Player" on your PC. You can search and install it on Google or other search engines.  


    1. Register your account on GDS-Inside website as below. 
       Register your account on GDS-Inside 
    2. Download the attachment file,[] and unzip it. 
  <- click here. 
        *You can also find latest install program on Library of GDS-inside website.

    3. Install the file. 

        (1) Click [Next] button.


        (2) Click [Install] button. 


        (3) Installing....


        (4) Installation is complete. Click [Finish] button. 

        (5) Click [SmartDlogger] icon on desktop.


        (6) The self update will be installed automatically. 


        (7) After Self update is complete, SmartDlogger program will execute automatically. 


            4. Complete. 

        You can download the latest installation program on Dlogger website as below. 

          1. Log in GDS-Inside website


        2. Go to [Library] and click [New SmartDlogger Program].


        3. Download the attachment file.[].


* Make sure!

   Depending on each region and maker, the images as below may be different from yours.   


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