'This tablet is not able to use' occurs for GDS Mobile CV version.


'This tablet is not able to use' occurs after registration on GDS Mobile CV.


If you are not using GDS Mobile CV version, please refer to the below.



Cause :

This issue occurs due to the permission of CV adapter.

If tablet contents is not matched with server information, this issue will happen.

e.g) Server information : ALL permission (PV + CV)

       Tablet contents : CV only 


Solution : 

If you bought GDS Mobile CV version as new one and occurs this one, please send the information below to 'ics@gitauto.com'.


1. VCI II and CV adapter S/No.

VCI II S/No. : NHD + XXXXX (NHD + 5digits)

CV Adapter S/No. : ECX + XXXXX (ECX + 5digits)


2. Screen shot of the following tablet path.

Path : Tablet > mvci > Update > HME-CV





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