I was getting the message, "Download failed, Please try again" during PC Manager Internet Update download



    The error, 'Download failed, please try again', appears during downloading update files on PC Manager.


  Before you begin

     1. Disable Antivirus program on your laptop PC Manager is installed on.

     2. If you use security network on your workshop, ask your IT guy to open PC Manager Update Server on workshop network.

HME - Port: 444 
                   URL: https://service.hyundai-motor.com

          KME - Port: 443
                  URL: https://www.kia-hotline.com



       It happens when the Internet is not stable.  
      1. Check the internet condition on your workshop. 
         (1) If you connect to the internet by WiFi, go to the place where the WiFi signal is good and retry.                 If you still have the problem, check next.  

         (2) If you connect to the Internet by WiFi, connect the Internet by LAN cable and retry. 
              If you still have the problem, go to No. 2.

      2.  Connect to the Internet on another network(Internet Cafe, home, or etc.) and retry.


* Make sure!

    Depending on each region and maker, the images as below may be different from yours.   


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