I was getting the message,"SD card is not recognized on G-scan"


SD card is not recognized on G-scan as below. 


Check your SD card specification.
We only guarantee officially tested SD card for G-scan. 


* supported 

    1. Specification : SD
    2. Volume: 4GB 


* not supported 

   1. Specification: SDXC or SDHC
   2. Volume: higher than 4GB

If you are a dealer, please kindly contact your distributor.  

If you are a distributor, please kindly contact our sales team(sales@gitauto.com) with your information.

1.     Company:

2.     Nation:

3.     Brand: Hyundai/KIA

4.     Contact No.

5.     Address

6.     What you want to buy : 4GB SD card for G-scan(OEM)





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