How to check VCI II module is wokring properly?

You may experience VCI II module is not working properly.

Then, the VCI II may need to be repaired in Korea.


Before that, please check out if the module really needs to get repaired.


1. Power problem 

Please check out VCI II power status first.

When you connect VCI II to OBD connector, check out there are beep sound and LED is turned on.

If not, the VCI II may have an issue with power board or main board.


2. Bluetooth problem

1) VCI II S/No. cannot be detected on GDS Mobile or bluetooth setting.

-> If so, the VCI II may have a problem on wireless board.


2) Wirless connection can not be established.

-> Check bluetooth pairing PIN CODE which is '0701'

-> Perform VCI II firmware update via USB cable, and try again.

    [Video] How to Perform VCI II Firmware Update.


3) Disconnecting VCI II wireless connection when performing GDS-M function

 -> Check out the related FAQ




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