Sending the error log report on GDS Smart/KDS2.0

This is how to send error log when using GDS Smart/KDS 2.0.


1.  Go to 'Configuration' tab on the bottom of main scrreen.



2.  Click 'Log Collection' on the left tab of Configuration, and then click 'Run'.



3. After reading the contents, press 'Start'.



4. Press the back icon on the configuration screen.



5. On the main screen, the function for log acquisition and transmission is activated as shown in the image below.

1) Exit: Terminate the log transmission function.

2) Screen capture: Press the corresponding button to capture the problem screen.

3) Send log: Go to the log transfer page.



6. Reproduce the symptoms before pressing the log send button.

Reproduce the issue 2-3 times to generate a log.

When reproducing the symptom, take a screen capture so that the person in charge can understand the issue.


7. When the symptom reproduction is complete, Press the Error Report button.

You can fill in the contents on the relevant page, and the acquired log and captured bottom surface are automatically attached to the log data part.




8. When the transmission is completed, the person in charge can check it later, and the contents are very helpful in correcting errors.





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