When E-REPORT data is visible on GSW or GWMS after diagnosis?

If the diagnostic data is successfully uploaded from the diagnostic device to the server, it should be verified within a day to two days.


The following is the process of uploading to E-report.

1) Upload the E-Report file to the European base server within 5 minutes if the server upload is normal with the diagnostic device connected to the WIFI.

2) When data is transmitted from the diagnostic device to the European base server, the European server is added to the DB for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) transmission at 6 PM (European time).

3) EAI runs at 8 PM (European time) and enters the E-Report server.

4) Tasks uploaded to the eReport DB operate at 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. (Korean time).

5) The GWMS provides a view that allows you to look up data on the GWMS after being uploaded to the eReport DB, and the view is supposed to be looked up on the GWMS.


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