During special(noise) inspection, what items should be checked when a problem occurs?

  1. When attempting to use special inspection, the engine data information is not displayed on the function screen, making it impossible to proceed (noted in HEV vehicles).

: HEV vehicle noise measurements rely on a forced RPM drive. Therefore, upgrading the ECU is crucial. Make sure to check if the ECU has been upgraded. Given that it utilizes an automatic forced drive, you should refrain from pressing the pedal and ascertain if the RPM functions without pedal engagement.

  1. A message prompts for vehicle information (Mileage, RO number) and VIN, despite having already inputted them.

: The VIN displayed on the screen automatically fills in based on the vehicle model selected. However, to initiate AUTO VIN, you need to click on the 'verify' button located on the right. If AUTO VIN authentication fails after pressing 'verify', the vehicle may not have a registered VIN. In such instances, AUTO VIN can be activated by manually entering the VIN using the VIN Write feature in S/W Management.

  1. The message, “Note: There are no events for this vehicle,” is displayed.

: This occurs when the vehicle model isn't supported. It's crucial to cross-check the current vehicle information.

  1. A pop-up regarding cable connection issues may appear.

This could be due to:

  • A malfunctioning cable
  • A defective C-Type gender
  • A compromised Tablet C-Type terminal (or Aux terminal)

Ensure the cable is fully and securely connected if facing connection issues. Here's how to choose the appropriate C-Type gender based on the tablet:

  • For devices with both C-Type and Aux ports: Connect using the Aux terminal.
  • For C-Type exclusive models: Only the ALPHA MIC gender from GIT is compatible (Model name: ALT384).
  • For the Tab S5e model: Ensure to use the specific gender provided during the S5e tablet purchase (Model name: Samsung GH96-12511).




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