How to make R&D (for research center) GDS Mobile install media (USB type)

* Caution: The program is limited in use. Contact GIT's sales team ( to check whether the R&D version can be installed, and then request to register your VCI II serial information for R&D (for R&D). If not registered, normal installation/use is not possible.


For overseas customers or customers who urgently need installation, you can make and use the R&D (for laboratory) GDS Mobile installation media (USB type) by yourself.


How to make:

1. Please prepare a 16GB or larger USB memory stick. (You must have at least 6GB of free space.)

2. Contact GIT sales ( and receive R&D installation installation program via email.

3. Copy the downloaded installation data and paste it on the USB memory stick.


4. The production of the installation media has been completed. Click below to install.

How to install R&D GDS Mobile


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