I was getting the message, "This tablet is not able to use.", during GDS mobile/KDS installation.


    The pop-up notice appears on PC manager or tablet PC as below.




If you are android 10 user, please follow the instruction below. 

 1. Restart tablet PC. 

 2. Set MAC address type to "Randomized MAC" on Tablet PC.

    How to set MAC address type to "Randomized MAC" on Tablet PC.

 3. Run GDS Mobile/KDS.


If you still have the same message or you are not a android 10 user, send us the information below by email(ics@gitauto.com).

          1. Maker : Hyundai or Kia

          2. Android version of tablet PC: 

         2. Dealer or distributor ID:

         3. VCI serial No.:

         4. Tablet WiFi MAC address : 

              Path: [Setting-About device -Status ] 

We will check and contact you soon.


* Make sure!

    Depending on each region and maker, the images as below may be different from yours.   


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