How to run GDSM/KDS after Android OS 13 upgrade

Symptom : After upgrading from Android OS 12 to 13, the app will not run if you do not allow permission of some functions when running GDSM/KDS for the first time.




1) When running GDSM/KDS for the first time after upgrading to Android 13, proceed after pressing the 'Continue' button after 'Allow Permissions' for all items of the current permission.




2)  After running the GDSM/KDS app, permission access of additionally installed apps (e.g. S/W Management, ECU upgrade, etc.) is requested when the function is executed. If a permission request occurs, allow all permissions and click the 'Continue' button.


The list of apps that require permission is as follows, and the list of allowed apps may differ depending on the installed version.



*If you clicked the Continue button without allowing permission at first execution, proceed with permission as follows.


Path: Settings > Apps> Select an app to allow permissions > Permissions > Select 'Not Allowed' permission items (all items displayed in the list) > Select 'Allow'







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