I was getting the message, "There is No Related Event" on ECU Upgrade menu.

        When you try to perform ECU upgrade, the notice appears below.  

         1. Perform the latest Internet update on [GDS-Configuration-Version]. 


        If you still have the same notice[There is no related event], move on to the next.  
        2. Perform Manual Update for ECU event files on GDS  as follow.  
              (1)  Log in CCC(GSW) website(https://ccc.hyundai.com). 
              (2) Go to [SSIS- GSW- ECU Upgrage].  

               (3) Click the event that you want to update.  
                              (4) Click and download the ECU event file[XXXXXX.NGM] to desktop.  
              (5) Click [Manual Update] icon. 


                (6) Click [File] to find the ECU event file to be updated.  

                                 (7) Select the downloaded file(XXXXX.NGM) and click [Open]. 

              (8)  Click [Start] to update.  


              (9) It is being updated. 

            (10) When it is complete, click [OK].  

             (11) Run GDS and perform ECU Upgrade.  

           If you still have the same issue, move on to the next. 

        3. Send us the information below by email(ics@gitauto.com).

                (1) TSB no. or ECU event No.  
                (2) VIN 
                (3) GDS ID and PW 
                We will check them and contact you.


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