I'm getting the message,"To Use this Menu GDS Needs to be Certified via Internet" on GDS


The notice appears as below.

Before you begin 
GDS is required to be certified via Internet.

Follow the instruction as below.

1. Go to [Configuration].

2. Click [Server] tab and check if S/W update server URL is correct.

  * S/W update server URL : gds.hyundai-motor.com

If it is correct, go to the next step(No.3)

If it is incorrect, reset URL information as follow.

   (1) Click [Edit URL].

   (2) Click [Reset].

   (3) Click [OK].

3. Go to [Dealer] tab and click [Recertification].

4. Log in with GSW ID and PW.

* If you fail to log in, check your ID and PW below.

      [Hyundai] Forget ID and PW

      [KIA] Forget ID and PW
5.  Go to [Version] tab and click [Internet Update].

If you still have the same error, it is required to have remote session.
Send us the available time for remote session by email(


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