Run or install PC Manager on Windows 11


As of October 5, 2021, a new Windows 11 update has been released.

PC Manager, a program for installing GDS Mobile/KDS, does not work properly after installation with the previous installation file set.
For proper use, please follow the guide below.


CASE 1) Customers attempting to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Before upgrading to Windows 11, run PC Manager and proceed with the latest update.

Then, if the version of PC Manager is 4.60 or higher as shown in the image below, it can be run normally in Windows 11.



CASE 2) Customers who purchase new Windows 11 computer or customers who have installed Windows 11

If you are installing PC Manager with an previous installation file on Windows 11, please proceed as follows.


1. Install PC Manager with the existing USB installation file set or the downloaded file.

* Even after installation is complete, PC Manager does not run in Windows 11 in the current state.


2. Download the GDSMpcmanager.exe (Ver.4.60) attachment.





3. Copy and Paste the GDSMpcmanager.exe, sqlite3.lib, sqlite3.dll to the path below.

*There is already same file name existed. Just replace the file.

  • File path : C\GDSMpcmanager
  • File : GDSMpcmanager.exe


3. Execute [GDSMpcmanager.exe].

If you run it, the PC Manager may be updated itself.



4. When the installation is complete, the PC Manager program is updated.

As shown in the image below, if the version is 4.60 or higher, it can be used normally in Windows 11.







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