How to install Service Information for KDS


     The user can copy the Service Information file(ex. DTC Guide, Shop Manual, etc. ) to the Micro SD Card by PC Manager. (Connect the Micro SD Card by Card Reader.)


*Please be aware of that PC manager(Hyundai version) is NOT currently supported this function due to service policy change.


  Before you begin

     1. Refer to the SD card specification below.
          SD card Specification for GDS Mobile

     2. Disable Antivirus program on your laptop PC Manager is installed on.

     3. If you use security network on your workshop, ask your IT guy to open PC Manager Update Server on workshop network.

          HME - Port: 444 

          KME - Port: 443

    4. Format SD card as below.


      Follow the instruction about Service Information Installation below.

      1. Click' Service Information Installation" on Main Page of PC Manager


      2. The driver path pop-up window appears. Select the exact SD card drive to install Service Information and click [OK] button. 


      3. Select the language for Service Information to be stored on SD card and click [OK] button.
         (Mandatory Contents is English. If you need other language, check the box for your preference.)


      4. Select the kind of Service Information and the vehicles to be installed on SD card.
         The capacity for Service Information data on SD card is limited.


      5. When Service information installation is complete, the pop-up window appears.

         Insert SD card into the tablet PC and check if the Service Information displays correctly.


      6. Complete.


* Make sure!

   Depending on each region and maker, the images as below may be different from yours.   



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