How can I set up the event file on CVCI II by Manual Mode?

In the following cases, you can set up an event file on the system using Manual Mode instead of Auto Mode.

1. There is no vehicle, but ROM ID is known.

2. If CVCI II can not be registered on Smart DLogger program by Bluetooth due to a PC problem.


Note) Images can be different by Maker(Hyundai/Kia) and version. 

Solution : 

1) First, under User Options, select 'Manual' for the setup type, and then click Close.


2) Select the CVCI II to set up the event file on Start tab.



3) Connect the USB Cable - CVCI II - OBD power adapter for power supply as shown in the image below.



4) If the device is recognized as normal after powering up, select the equipment from the storage location.
After selecting the equipment, type the ROM ID, VIN, mileage, and then press the right arrow.



5) Select the system and symptoms that you want to check, and then click the arrow to proceed.



6) The event setup will proceed, the process will download the event file from the server based on the ROM ID and the selected information. If the event file that matches the ROM ID is not on the server, the event setup might fail.





7) Event setup is complete.



8) Once the event setup is complete, you can drive and record.



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