How to copy the event files to SD card for CVCI by manual

If you get the event file from KMC or HMC, you have to copy it on CVCI, first.

Please follow the instruction below.


1. Remove data in SD card.

Format SD card and make it empty.

When you format it, please set FAT/32KB.


2. Insert SD card to the CVCI.


3. Pair the CVCI and trigger module(Optional) 

Follow the URL instruction(  

* If you doubt CVCI and trigger module pairing, you can try it. If not, skip to step 4.  

Just in case, please kinldy re-pairing CVCI and Trigger module.

* If you fail to pair CVCI and trigger module, try to do it several time.

If you still have same issue, the CVCI and trigger module hardware may have problem.

Please let us know if you need repair them. 


4. Copy the event file to the SD card.

Copy the event file from KMC or HMC to SD card and insert it to the CVCI,


5. Connect CVCI to OBD-II connector on the vehicle.


6. Connect the trigger module to the cigar jack on the vehicle.


7. If the "Enter" button on trigger module is green. It is ready to test-drive.

* If you don't have green on "Enter" button on trigger module in this step, the event file has problem.(Not CVCI and trigger module)

Please kindly contact KMC or HMC (the people who sent you the event files) or distributor hotline on GSW with the vehicle ROM ID

Then, ask them check if ROM ID is compatible with this event file.


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