How to install R&D GDS Mobile

* Caution: The program is limited in use. Contact GIT's sales team ( to check whether the R&D version can be installed, and then request to register your VCI II serial information for R&D (for R&D). If not registered, normal installation/use is not possible.


Preparation in advance (required)

1. Prepare the R&D (for research center) GDS Mobile installation media (USB type).

* If not, please click below.

     1) I don't have R&D (for research center) GDS Mobile install program(USB type). Where can I get it?

     2) How to make R&D (for research center) GDS Mobile install media (USB type)

2. Prepare an OTG cable to connect the tablet and USB memory stick.

3. Connect the wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) to the tablet.


How to install:

1. Go to [Settings-Application Management-Application Manager] on the tablet, and if there is a GITMInstaller app, delete it.

  * How to uninstall the "GITMInstaller" app <- Click here.

 * If you are installing GDS Moible/KDS for the first time, please proceed from step 2.

2. Connect the installation medium (USB type) to the tablet using an OTG cable.

3. Open "My file" on the tablet and touch "gitauto.GDSMInstaller_554.apk" file in the USB path to install it.

4. When the installation is complete, remove the USB memory stick and reinsert it.

5. The program is automatically installed after about 10 seconds-1 minute. If the installation does not proceed after 1 minute,

-Remove the USB memory stick and reinsert it.

-If a Micro SD card is inserted. Remove the SD card and reinsert the USB memory stick.

6. When installation is complete, please register to use.

  [R&D] How to register R&D GDS Mobile


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