I was getting the message " Data2.cab error " during installing GDS update DVD"


It failes installing GDS Update or PC Manager DVD at middle and shows Data2.cab in the message box as below.



There are 2 reasons why the error occurs: Defective DVD disc and Defective DVD ROM.



1.     Defective DVD disc 

There are 2 ways to check if DVD is defective or not.

 (1)    Insert another DVD disc to the laptop and check if the DVD works properly. If another DVD disc works properly, GDS DVD disc may be defective.  

 (2)    Install GDS DVD disc that you failed to install on another PC. If it is not installed properly, GDS DVD disc is defective.  To get the new DVD, please kindly contact your distributor. If you are distributor, please contact our overseas sales team(sales@gitauto.com). If the DVD disc is not defective, check No. 2.

2.     Defective DVD ROM 

 Copy all of the data in the GDS DVD disc to C: drive on Laptop. If you fail to copy the data to laptop, There are 2 ways to solve it.

   (1)  Portable DVD ROM  : Install GDS DVD disc with portable DVD ROM. 

   (2)  USB memory stick

     1)  Copy all data on DVD to USB memory via another PC.

     2)  Insert USB memory stick to the defective laptop.

     3)  Make 'GDS DVD' folder on desktop.

     4)  Transfer the data from the USB memory stick to 'GDS DVD' folder on desktop.

     5)  Install setup.exe. in 'GDS DVD' folder.


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