.NET Frame work issue guide


GDS is not able to run with the error message below.



  • Step1

1.1) Run .NET clean tool(cleanup_tool.exe)

The file is attached. Please refer to the attachment.


1.2) Restart your computer

1.3) Install .NET Framework 3.5

*DVD -  Path: SUB_INSTALL\dotNETandJSharp\dotNET3.5\dotNetFx35setup.exe

Download - .NET Framework 3.5 

1.4) Run GDS

If the problem is not resolved by Step1, follow the Step2.


  • Step2

2.1) Run GDS Internet update manually by running GV Updater.exe

*Path : C:\gvci\bin\GV Updator.exe

  2.1.1) If the internet updater version is the latest, contact to GIT.

  2.1.2) If the GV Updatr.exe is not able to run, try Step1 again.

  2.1.3) Same symptom occurs after all the steps, unfortunately, you need  to format and reinstall Windows. We highly recommend to install  Windows7.

2.2) Run GDS, and make sure that GDS is up to date.




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